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Worcester's Civil War history investigated in dig
Civil war musket volley
The Battle of Worcester was the last in the English Civil War

A huge ditch, thought to be part of the Civil War defences of Worcester, has been uncovered in the Lowesmore area of the city.

The ditch is believed to be part of a large angular bastion, constructed at the siege of Worcester in 1646.

It was uncovered during work on the foundations of a new supermarket

During the Civil War the medieval city walls were strengthened with ditches and earthworks to protect against attack.

Defenders could also fire from them with muskets and artillery.

Siege works

Building site
The site of the new supermarket where the ditch has been found

The strong points were angular bastions or 'sconces' that projected from the city walls.

The ditch that is being excavated is believed to be part of one of these, known as 'St Martin's Sconce'.

The building work at the site has already uncovered vaulted cellars, dating back to the 19th century.

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