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Iron Age settlement in Bengeworth is open for a day
Artist's impression of a Iron Age settlement
The Iron Age settlement is at least 2,500 years old

The site of an Iron Age settlement in Worcestershire has been discovered, during the building of a new school.

Archaeologists have been investigating the site at Bengeworth, near Evesham, and have found traces of what was probably a small farmstead.

They have also uncovered Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery, and are investigating what may be an ancient trackway.

The site is open to the public on Tuesday, 14 September from 1430 to 1830 BST.

Major find

Bengeworth First School has been a victim of recent floods, and the site for a new school is on arable land to the north of Kings Road.

Archaeologists from Worcestershire Council routinely assess the sites for new buildings, and, at Bengeworth, a geophysical survey suggested there were the remains of a settlement under the ground.

Aerial view of an Iron Age settlement
The site has a large ditch and many post holes

Worcestershire County Council's Historic Environment & Archaeology Service's Justin Hughes, said: "This was a major and unexpected find, and we are excited to show it off to the local public.

"The artefacts unearthed here already offer a glimpse into what life was like in Iron Age Worcestershire, and current investigations offer the possibility of further discoveries."

He says it is unusual to find the remains of this kind of settlement in SE Worcestershire.

For more information contact Justin Hughes on 01905 855 485, or email

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