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Royal Signal & Radar Establishment Malvern archive film
Radar dish
One of the RADAR dishes at RRE Malvern

Archive films from British Pathe News show some of the pioneering scientific work carried out at the Royal Radar Establishment (RRE) in Malvern.

One film shows their experimental work with microwaves, in the late 1940s.

Another film, from the same period, shows a demonstration of what was, at the time, the world's smallest RADAR.

The Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE), which developed RADAR, moved to Malvern early in World War II.

They originally moved to Malvern College, and after the war relocated to a former navy training college in the town.

Name changes

Robert Watson-Watt
Robert Watson-Watt, the RADAR pioneer

The Radar Research Establishment was set up in 1953. following a merger with the Army Radar Establishment.

In 1976, following another merger, this time with Signals Research and Development Establishment, they became known as the Royal Signal and Radar Establishment.

The buildings, complete with a large RADAR dish, were one of the most recognisable landmarks in Malvern.

In 2000, part of the organisation was privatised as QinetiQ.

Microwave marvels

A light bulb
A light bulb being lit up by microwaves from a RADAR

In this film from 1949, scientists from RRE demonstrate how microwaves can be used to light up a light bulb, without it being directly connected to a power source.

The film explains how a high powered RADAR can send out the microwave pulses needed to light the bulbs.

The commentator hails this as an example of "one of the many miracles being achieved by British scientists, to show that Britain in maintaining her position in the forefront of RADAR research."

Watch the film here

World's smallest RADAR

Radar set
The mini-RADAR set developed in Malvern

This fascinating film, from British Pathe News, shows Dr Cyril Hilsum demonstrating what was, at the time, the world's smallest RADAR.

He uses a model train set to do this, with the mini-RADAR recording the train's speed and direction.

The film, which is silent, was made in 1967.

Watch the film here

RRE Malvern

This silent film, from 1958, shows general views of the RRE site in Malvern.

It includes shots of one of the RADAR dishes, which could easily be seen from the nearby Malvern Hills.

Watch the film here

If you have any memories of the RADAR work in Malvern, we'd love to hear them - email

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