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Cadbury's - the local factories
Cadbury chocolate bar
In 1831 John and Benjamin Cadbury founded their business

Cadbury's have a significant manufacturing presence in Herefordshire, at their Marlbrook plant, near Leominster.

The plant produces 97,000 tonnes of milk chocolate crumb every year.

The firm once had a large plant at Blackpole in Worcester, making cakes - the site had its own light railway, and was turned into a munitions factory in World War II

The site is now a retail and industrial estate.

The Marlbrook plant

The plant, just outside Leominster, has about 100 full-time employees.

It opened in 1936, to supply milk to other Cadbury crumb making factories.

By 1982 Marlbrook became the sole supplier of the crumb to UK chocolate making factories.

It processes 180 million litres of fresh milk, 56,000 tonnes of sugar and 13,000 tonnes of cocoa liquor annually, in the production process.

The crumb is transported to other sites at Bournville, near Birmingham, and Somerdale, near Bristol, to be blended with cocoa butter and turned into milk chocolate.


The Blackpole factory in Worcester was sited conveniently alongside both the railway line, and the Worcester to Birmingham canal.

Chocolate Factory
The BBC broadcast from a Cadbury factory in 1949

It was built on the site of a munitions factory, constructed during the First World War.

Cadbury's bought the site in 1921, after their famous Bournville factory was damaged by fire - initially it was used as a saw mill, making wooden boxes.

In 1923, tin canisters were made there, and nut processing began.

During the Second World War the site again went back to producing munitions, and even had its own railway station, called Blackpole Halt, for workers to use.

The site was large enough to have its own light railway.

In 1962, Blackpole was chosen as the site to make Cadbury Cakes.

The site had its own sports ground - BBC Hereford & Worcester's Dave Bradley remembers that cricket teams loved playing there, as they were served chocolate cake.

After the merger with Schweppes, the Blackpole site was sold along with the cake business in 1974, and is now a retail park.

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