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Battle of Evesham, 4 August 1265

Simon de Montfort tower
The Leicester Tower, built in 1842 as a monument to Simon de Montfort.

Simon de Montfort and his army were soundly beaten, by an army led by the future King Edward I, at the Battle of Evesham in 1265.

His troops were massacred and he was killed and dismembered.

Unusually for a rebel who lost both the battle and his life, Simon de Montfort is now hailed as a democrat, and the man who set up what some historians call the first true Parliament.

He invited each county to send two representatives, insisting that they were elected.

Despite his grisly end, there are now three separate memorials to Simon de Montfort in Evesham, including an impressive tower and an obelisk, near the site of the battle.

His fame in international - his profile features in a relief in the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives.

Battle of Evesham - timeline

Follow the events of the battle, on that fateful August day in 1265 here:

Battle of Evesham - the people

Get behind the characters involved in the battle: Simon de Montfort, who married into royalty and then overthrew a king; Prince Edward, the royal 'hard-man' who went on to become the 'hammer of the Scots'; Henry II, the king who reigned for a very long time, but didn't make a very good job of it.

Battle of Evesham - photo gallery

Images of the battlefield and the memorials:

Battle of Evesham - links

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