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Presenter profile: Roger Day

Roger Day
Roger Day started his career on the pirate radio ships

Roger trained as an accountant - but there was a problem - Roger didn't want to do it. He had a much bigger passion and it certainly wasn't for numbers, it was for pop music.

He soon began working in south east ballrooms appearing with some of the music greats.

It wasn't long before he joined one of the many pirate ships broadcasting off the coast of England and thus began a radio career that has taken him across the country - including presenting on the legendary Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline.

Roger's love of music is legendary and his encyclopaedic knowledge of music is matched by the awesome fact that he owns every Top 10 single released since 1955.

He is also a massive Beach Boys fan - so expect plenty of Beach Boy tracks in his show amongst a mix of classic tracks from the past 4 decades.

He once had the opportunity to compere the Beach Boys tour of Britain, which Roger describes as a 'marvellous experience'. He says:

"Can you imagine my nerves walking on to the stage at the Palladium with all those showbiz faces? I spent a lot of time with them on the tour - they were lovely people. Sometimes you meet your heroes and they are a bit of a let down, but they definitely weren't."

Roger is now using his vast music and radio experience as the voice of weekday evenings on BBC Radio Solent.

The evening show is all about bringing together the music and the listeners. Roger says:

"The way I look at my show is like a social club in your own home. I feel like I've invited a few of my mates round to share some great music. I bring along the music and the guests and the listeners add in their memories and thoughts. All this put together makes the show complete."

E-mail the programme: roger.day@bbc.co.uk

Roger Day - weekdays from 1900 to 2200



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