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Film-maker's Live Aid 25th anniversary Ethiopia visit
Ehsan Bhatti and Nic Yeeles
Ehsan Bhatti and Nic Yeeles were not born when Live Aid happened in 1985

Twenty five years after the devastating famine which lead to the Live Aid fundraising concert, two young Winchester filmmakers have made an emotional trip to Ethiopia.

Nic Yeeles and Ehsan Bhatti spent two weeks in Ethiopia in January 2010 filming a short feature for a charity.

Nic explained: "We wanted to do something different and show a new way of approaching charity."

The filmmakers were not even born when the 1985 Live Aid concert took place.


Live Aid
Live Aid raised 150m for famine relief

Nic, 21, explained that a quarter of a century after Bob Geldof led the ground-breaking Live Aid events at Wembley and Philadelphia, the issues facing development charities had moved on from providing immediate food relief following TV coverage of famines.

He said: "Our generation has become so desensitised to these images - we took a totally different approach and showed the positive side of Ethiopia."

The seven-minute-long film commissioned by the charity St Matthew's Children's Fund Ethiopia (SMCF) starts with images of 1985 but reflects how Ethiopia is today.

SMCF was established in the UK to continue the church's fundraising efforts to support orphaned and abandoned children from the 1980's famines.

Nic explained: "Rather than telling people how to feel, we want to show what we saw and let them make up their own minds.

The film shows life in Ethiopia 25 years after the famine

"We found a lot of hope and happiness. We did see some emotional stuff but everyone you meet was so inspirational. They are really business-minded and entrepreneurial as they need to make money to feed themselves - they just need to be given that chance and little bit of capital."

However they found that memories of the 1984/85 famine are still close to the surface.

Nic said: "It's a memory people are never going to forget. One man we talked to had been found as a baby suckling on his dead mother's breast, being pecked by hawks - they endured some really extreme cases."

Nic described the visit as "a life changing experience - it's something you can't imagine."

Viral film

The final version of the film - Twenty 5 - was put together at Reko.tv in Winchester.

Nic with kids
The team spent two weeks in Ethiopia

Their film is being premiered at a special fund-raising royal reception in London, attended by Princess Alexandra on 13 July - the 25th anniversary of the Live Aid concerts.

They plan to make the video appeal to the social networking generation by seeking sponsorship to help spread the film virally on the internet.

Nic explained: "By passing the message on we can raise money, but also people gain a better understanding of what happened. A lot of people who weren't even born then say 'why should we care?', but once we'd gone there, we realised why everyone should care."

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