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Page last updated at 14:06 GMT, Friday, 18 June 2010 15:06 UK
Southampton to install electric car recharge points
A car plugged into an electric car charging station
Electric car charging stations could become a familiar sight

Southampton city centre could be a lot quieter on the roads in future as the council try to encourage more use of electric cars.

They plan to put in 40 recharge points in car parks, shopping centres and train stations.

However, it is not known yet how the scheme will be funded.

At a cost of around £150,000 the council is hoping to work with electric companies and local businesses to finance the venture.

The new recharge points will be compatible with most electric cars and it could take as little as two hours to fully charge a car.

Royston Smith, Southampton city councillor for economic development, said that encouraging cars with low emissions will cut down on noise and pollution.

He said: "To convince people to start looking at their own carbon footprint, one thing we can do is make sure they've got somewhere to charge those cars."

"Like with many things, the infrastructure sometimes has to come first and we want to make sure that if people take the option to drive electric cars, to make the environment cleaner, then we want to do as much as we can to assist them," he added.

A motor manufacturer recently ran a test to measure the suitability of an electric car to everyday motoring needs in Oxford.

In that example the car could be charged by a 32-amp charger at a cost of around £1.50, and ran for approximately 100 miles (161km).

Peter McManners, a motorist interested in green issues, said his trial was "a success".

In a separate project the council is working with Southampton University to create a carbon map of the city to identify areas of high pollution.

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