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Community Chest on BBC Radio Solent
Katie Martin
Katie is on air every weekday afternoon

BBC Radio Solent is supporting a campaign to give cash to not-for-profit projects in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, helping to hand out a £1,000 a week.

Many people across the South are making a difference to their communities - volunteeringtheir time and skills, staging events, and improving facilities at a grass-roots level.

Sometimes the best laid plans can struggle because of a lack of a cash.

We can help - with The Community Chest on Katie Martin's Afternoon Show.

Well over £200,000 has been dished out from the Community Chest to a variety of organisations - from sports clubs, community groups, support organisations and many more

If you are involved with a group which could use some extra cash, why not apply for the Community Chest? Download and complete the form below.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

The Grand Judge - an independent adjudicator - will consider all the applications and reveal the three projects she has shortlisted on-air on Katie Martin's Afternoon Show every Monday between 1300 - 1600 GMT.

Katie will hear first-hand how the money could help each project during the week before the Grand Judge returns with her final decision every Friday.

Among those groups who have benefited so fay are Club U-Nite for young people with disabilities, Waterside Cancer Support Centre, Mosaic, who support bereaved children, and itís even bought a new pair of high power binoculars for NCI Gosport.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions below carefully before applying.

The Community Chest - Terms and Conditions

About the project

The 'Community Chest' is the name for a series of radio items that focus on, and assist, a campaign by some charitable trusts to give grants to support community activities. In these Terms and Conditions the radio series and the process of grant application, award and monitoring are referred to under the overall name "the Project".

Who can apply

Activities will be funded across the BBC Radio Solent region (the southern parts of Hampshire and Dorset plus the whole of the Isle of Wight). The Project is very keen to support grass-roots activity especially in areas which often miss out on funding of this nature.

Where the Community Chest funds

Activities will be funded across the BBC Radio Solent region (the southern parts of Hampshire and Dorset plus the whole of the Isle of Wight). The Project is very keen to support grass-roots activity especially in areas which often miss out on funding of this nature.

What the Community Chest funds

The money available through the Community Chest aims to help people build stronger and more active communities. Examples might include;

• The purchase of equipment e.g. computers, furniture or sports equipment

• The cost of putting on a local event or workshop

• Additional activities to develop an existing project

What the Community Chest does not fund

There are certain types of work and organisations that the Project doesn't fund. If your proposal falls into one of these categories, please do not apply to us:

• Grants for the benefit of one individual

• Medical research or hospitals

• Churches or other religious bodies where the monies will be used for religious purposes

• Work where there is statutory responsibility to provide funding

• Profit-making organisations

Application Process

Applicants can apply for a sum up to £1,000. All decisions on applications are made at the sole discretion of an independent adjudicator, known on air as the 'Grand Judge', who represents the charitable trusts and does not work for the BBC. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Three applicants will be shortlisted each week with each group receiving a share of the £1,000. The three shortlisted applicants will be announced every Monday on BBC Radio Solent's Afternoon Show, and subsequently featured on-air that week. The announcement of the sum each applicant has been awarded will be made every Friday afternoon on BBC Radio Solent.

The adjudicator is given absolute discretion in shortlisting and awarding grants, and is simply encouraged where possible to support:

• A variety of different activities

• Activities from a variety of eligible locations

• Activities that may offer inspiration to others, showing for example how obstacles can be overcome or how community spirit can be enhanced.

Application validity

Applicants warrant that they have truthfully and accurately completed the application form and acknowledge and agree that the adjudicator may disqualify an applicant from any part of the selection process if information supplied is in breach of any of these terms and conditions of entry. In addition, in consenting to the taking up of a reference which is outlined in the application form, applicants are deemed to have consented to the adjudicator undertaking further checks in order to verify the truth and accuracy of anything contained within the form.

The number of applications you can make

£1,000 will be made available each week for the duration of the Project, starting on 25 January 2009. Once submitted the application will remain live and eligible for three months. If you haven't heard anything regarding your application within those three months it will mean your bid has not succeeded this time around but are able to apply again after the three months have elapsed.

Broadcasting, press/publicity and data

The BBC does not control the application process but does provide on-air coverage of it. Applicants must be prepared to co-operate in this. The BBC reserves the right to seek and issue publicity related to the Project and its Applicants

Applicants must provide contact details and the BBC and the Project will only ever use personal data and any sensitive data for the purpose of administering the Project, will not publish them or provide them without permission to anyone not involved in the administration of the Project and will administer and hold any data applicants give o r which is collected during the application and grant process according to applicable privacy policies.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a condition of application to the Project. By submitting an application for a grant under the Project, an applicant communicates its acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

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