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Haunted Stereo mix up the sounds
Haunted Stereo in the sea
Haunted Stereo are currently working on a new album project.

Southampton based Haunted Stereo describe themselves as an alt-folk/indie/experimental band.

They originally formed in November 2007 as Anja McCloskey explained to Phil Jackson: " We are adding more people to the line up all the time".

New members joined the line-up and by the spring of 2008 they had enough material to start gigging.

The six-piece are now very much part of the Hampshire live music scene.

"We met at Andy Harris's stag night," explains Lewis Ford, who was already in a band with bassist Dave Jones. "We seemed to have a lot in common".

They started writing material together and recruited new members to the band.

Haunted Stereo

Their first EP, In Bars, was released in November 2008. That was followed by Tree House in March 2009.

"We launched Tree House at The Joiners in Southampton" said lead singer Andy. "The EP sold out that night and we haven't looked back since".

Local co-operative

Haunted Stereo have recently become part of the Southampton-based Sotones Records and have a number of new releases under their belts already.

"The label was started by a couple of guys who didn't want to be ripped off by the industry." explained Andy.

He told Phil Jackson on South:Live that he got talking to a lawyer who told him that it was not difficult to draw up the paperwork to become an official label.

"Everyone in the co-operative respects each other" he adds. "There's complete artist control as there's no one at the top making the decisions".

Ethical thinking

Although they pursue their art in an ethical way, they are not actively political, as vocalist Anja explained to Phil Jackson: "All the members are concerned for the general well being of the planet".

They recently donated a track from an EP to Amnesty International. "We performed Cross The Sea at the Amnesty book shop in Brighton" said guitarist Lewis Ford.

"It seemed to go down very well so we decided to donate it to the campaign."

The band also donated a track to the 2009 Beautiful Star album for Wears The Trousers, the online magazine highlighting the contribution women make to music.

Performing live for both Phil and Sally Taylor, Haunted stereo boast an eclectic mix of musicians with an even wider range of instruments.

Lewis plays the glockenspiel and banjo as well as the guitar and vocalist Anja can be heard playing the recorder and harmonica along with the piano and clarinet. Percussionist Ben Toon divides his time between the drums and a South African kalimba.

"We try and mix up the sounds" says Andy, who also plays the mandolin, " There are a lot of textures to our music".

Presenter profile: Sally Taylor
24 Jul 09 |  TV & Radio



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