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Hannah Shark sings for South:Live

Hannah Shark
Hannah does a lot of her own artwork to accompany her songs

Hannah Shark and her bass player Adam Crisp - both from Fleet - met up on their local music scene.

She went to one of his gigs when Adam played in a band called Elle Milano and that was the start of their friendship and musical partnership.

Hannah is also the front-woman for a five-piece band called Arthur.

But for now she's juggling both projects and enjoys each of them for different reasons.

She enjoys bouncing ideas off other band members but wanted to try out personal material.

Going solo

Hannah says: "I've always written solo songs for myself for pleasure but recently I've decided to see how people would react to those."

"Its nice to be able to have full artistic control over what I do, and not be thinking about a song in context of everything else.

"It is very flattering that my solo songs have been a success. I didn't really expect much interest."

Her Monster EP has been so well-received that Hannah plans to develop her live solo set a lot more in the near future, adding other various instrumentation.

"I have been writing a lot of a new stuff which is very organ-based, and taking inspiration from my all time favourite artists like PJ Harvey and Radiohead."

Song-writing process

Hannah says writing her tracks is a constant process:

"I have a book with me all the time so I can jot down lyrics when lines come to me."

"But it's been difficult to put songs together completely on my own so have kept it simple by just being accompanied by Adam on guitar."

"I've tried adding drums using the computer but that's not my forte so I've left them off tracks for now. I would be interested in adding more band members to see where that goes - especially for live performances."

Adam produces most of Hannah's solo work as well as accompanying her live. He says:

"It started out as a bit of moral support for the first few gigs but I've stuck with her now throughout and would be interested in staying with her with the possible extra musicians."


Hannah Shark at Guilfest
Hannah Shark performing at Guilfest - she plans to release a new EP soon

Despite playing a successful set on the acoustic stage at Guilfest, Hannah gets very nervous performing live in her new venture. She says:

"Being in a band, I've got used to having people behind me and being 'in it together' - but when it's just me out there with Adam it's really nerve-wracking! It's really out of my comfort zone."

Adam adds: "It's more daunting when it's just acoustic guitar - you can't hide behind anyone if you make a mistake! If you go wrong the audience knows it's your fault!"




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