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Phil Gould's story of year-long photo journey
Phil Gould in New Zealand
Phil Gould's journey included America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

"Photography is all about memories," says Southampton photographer Phil Gould, reflecting on his globetrotting, now documented in a book.

The 43 year-old's adventure began after a "near death" experience when he was involved in a plane crash in Alaska.

A member of Marwell Zoo's photographic club, he was a keen amateur natural history photographer for over 25 years.

Following the crash, and being made redundant, Mr Gould decided to travel around the world pursuing his hobby.

Year's journey

Mr Gould said: "I made a list of everything I wanted to see - Sydney Opera House, US national parks, the Nazca lines in Peru. Then I took off.

Canyon photo
Phil Gould's book features a photo taken on each day of his journey

"It was an incredible experience. Every day was different."

Among the experiences on the road, Mr Gould was given rare permission to photograph the mountain monument memorial to native American leader Crazy Horse in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Photographing whales off New Zealand and staying with family members in South Africa he had never met before were other memorable landmarks.

He also met Hazel, the "love of his life" in Texas.

However not everything went so smoothly - he was also involved in a serious car crash in Montana.

The car was written off, but a mechanic drove him 150 miles to hire another car which allowed him to continue his journey.

Mr Gould said: "Human nature stands out, wherever you go in the world."

Traveller's tales

Photographing a bear
The book also includes photography tips

Returning to the UK in 2009 after the year-long adventure, Phil Gould wrote about his travels for a book, entitled 365 Photography Days, with one picture for each day on the road.

He said: "I'm just so pleased everyone is enjoying the images from my journey.

"Photography is all about memories. Everyone sees part of themselves in the photos or it takes them back to a location they've also been to."



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