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Page last updated at 16:26 GMT, Friday, 28 January 2011
How can the States compulsory purchase land?
Fields near Guernsey airport
This field in St Saviour's may be the subject of such an order

If land is needed to develop Guernsey's essential infrastructure the States has the option of using a compulsory purchasing order.

This means that they can buy any land in Guernsey from any landowner.

Advocate Simon Howitt explained: "The current law dates back to 1949, but there were laws before that."

If the States decide to make a compulsory purchase they debate it in their regular meetings and if they agree make a resolution.

Following the resolution they offer a price of 5% or 15% above the market value to the owners who still have a right to decline the offer and enter into arbitration at this stage, Advocate Howitt explained.

Older versions of the law have been used for hundreds of laws to purchase the land on which, amongst other things, Guernsey's roads run.

Advocate Howitt said "the current law is about to change" as the States approved changes to the current legislation in April 2010.

The new law, which has been sent to the Privy Council for approval, will include a greater right to appeal for land owners and give the States the right to survey any land they wish to purchase.

States defer runway land decision
26 Jan 11 |  Guernsey


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