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Page last updated at 18:04 GMT, Wednesday, 24 November 2010
States of Alderney candidates' manifestos
States of Alderney
Half of the seats in the Alderney government are being contested

Alderney's general election takes place on 27 November 2010 with five seats for States members to be decided.

The island's democratic process sees the general election staggered so that half of the States members are elected every two years.

All candidates standing in the 2010 election were approached by BBC Guernsey and offered the chance to record a minute long audio manifesto.

You can listen to or read a transcript of them below.

Paul Arditti

Paul Arditti

My name is Paul Arditti. I'm a lawyer. I practiced for 37 years in the city of London. I acted for and against entrepreneurs, businesses and government.

I grew up in the political, diplomatic, commercial and judicial arenas.

None of this gives me the answers to the various problems that face all of us in different ways in Alderney, but it does give me some training, some experience to fall back on.

There are three things I believe in: gathering and studying facts, listening to other views and resisting undue pressure. In my view, decisions in the States should be based on these three principles.

Alderney, like any small community, on occasions appears to have diametrically opposed views but with hard work and application it is usually possible to find the common ground and narrow the area of dispute to manageable proportions.

Raymond Berry

Raymond Berry

My name is Raymond Berry. I'm standing for the States election.

All forms of rating and taxation need to relate to Alderney's far higher cost of living - life here is financially hard enough and there is no need to make it any harder.

Unemployment is a major concern. I'd like to consider putting Alderney Works Department on a similar basis as the works department in Guernsey to enable school leavers a source of future trade training.

Cutbacks in university and defence spending could seriously affect Alderney youngsters.

We need better planning and evaluation of our resources to enable us to repair, replace and adequately maintain our infrastructure.

We need to find a solution to the saga of escalating costs at Alderney Airport sooner than later.

I would like to enable elderly people to remain in their own homes longer - this is an extremely difficult problem financially if you happen to own your own home.

Matt Birmingham

Matt Birmingham

In the worst recession for 70 years it's easy to accuse the States of Alderney of inaction. But when the majority of Alderney's economy is affected by the policies of the States of Guernsey - that would be an oversimplification.

Alderney has to look towards changes to its relationship with Guernsey.

The States of Guernsey enact policy that is fine for Guernsey but with fundamental economic differences between the two islands, what is good for Guernsey is not always in the interest of Alderney.

However, it is in Guernsey's own interest to have a thriving economy in Alderney otherwise Alderney could become the welfare state parish of Guernsey.

It's also essential that the States of Alderney concentrate on policy that will stimulate the economy such as the proposed marina.

The States itself needs to reform because it takes too long to formulate and act upon policy.

Smaller more focussed and open government, better communication, increased use of modern media for raising Alderney's profile and proper strategic planning are all essential to the future of the island.

Lois Fitzgerald

Lois Fitzgerald

First I must apologise for not being on the island at such a crucial time. I've had a short spell in hospital on the mainland but I will be back, fighting fit, for the election.

Alderney is now facing dire financial problems; shops close, businesses fail and this year our vital visitors just didn't come.

There are plenty of ideas as to how we deal with all of this, but I believe it would be seriously unwise for me to say categorically that I will vote for this plan or that plan for the simple reason that unless you are a States member you don't have access to all the facts and a favoured plan could turn out to be totally unfeasible.

What I can and will do if I'm elected is find out precisely what our options really are and take an active part in making decisions, however unpalatable they may seem, if they are for the long term benefit of the island.

Art club members already know that I can do this effectively; as a States member I would do the same and that is my promise to Alderney.

Ray Gaudion

Ray Gaudion

My name is Raymond Gaudion. I came back to the island on December 15 1945 with my parents at the end of the evacuation. I've lived here all my life since except for two years in the merchant navy.

I served my apprenticeship as a carpenter over here from 1959 onwards, then I went to fishing and I've been fishing full time most of my life - certainly almost 50 years if I take my time before school.

I hate to see my island like it is, there is 20 to 40 year olds saying they are going to leave the island because there is nothing here.

We have to build something new on this island, we need politicians which is going to make decisions, stop dithering and dathering, stop employing outside sources which know nothing of the island and is costing us a fortune and at the same time seeing my island go down.

Ken Hampton

Ken Hampton

This is Ken Hampton and I'm standing for the States of Alderney in this month's elections.

Basically my thing, or my manifesto main item, is that as an island and really as world wide we are looking at a situation unprecedented in the past and that is that the cost of energy, particularly fossil fuels, is going to inexorably rise.

How that affects a small population of 2,000 or thereabouts here on the island of Alderney, is that we will get to the point where we won't be able to even afford to import food stuffs, right now, which some 90-odd percent is imported and very little is actually produced here locally.

Well, that leaves us in a situation where we can do one of two things, we can either go like St Kilda did back in the 1930s, and simply abandon the island, or we can start producing most of our own.

Victor Levine

Victor Levine

This is Vic Levine and I encourage you to vote for me so that I can use my strategic planning, contract, commercial and general management experience to benefit Alderney and its citizens.

The main areas government must action include shops, the economy, jobs, housing, tourism, immigration, planning process, inward investment, government decision making and its relations with our population, consultation with our own experts and institutions, our relationship with Guernsey and tidal power.

I only have time to expand on one issue: I believe the sea bed belongs to the people of Alderney. There are no arrangements in place for the people to receive any benefit, not even cheap or free electricity - the royalty is too low and will all be absorbed and spent by government.

I want our citizens to get royalties direct, which could, and should, be very large. If you're young or have children or grandchildren this is especially important and this could secure their financial future.

Vote for Vic Levine and I will try and sort it out. I thank Diana Mellor and Joanna Bowden-Lee for proposing and seconding me.

Tony Llewellyn

Tony Llewellyn

My name is Tony Llewellyn. I am standing for re-election in order to continue the work I have started and to provide some continuity in the States.

As well as my interest in improving the infrastructure I am concerned about local issues like traffic and road safety, environment, care in the community and the encouragement of the greater interest of the younger generation.

There is a desperate need to find ways to improve employment opportunity and the need to look at ways and means of alleviating the ever increasing costs which affect our small community more seriously than most.

With our very limited income, it is essential to look closely at the services we provide and at the efficiency of those services.

I believe strongly in keeping the public informed.

Lin Maurice

Lin Maurice

Hello I'm Lin Maurice and I'm standing for election on Saturday.

If elected I would like to see secrecy between States committees stopped. It may be necessary for some items to be confidential but not as many as there has been over recent years, and certainly not between States members.

Matters that affect the way of life for Alderney residents should be put to a referendum and not decided by the States alone.

Government spending should be reviewed - its no good putting up the price of everything to cover costs when there is no work for people.

A special Alderney rate for commercial premises must be negotiated with Guernsey before all the shops disappear from town and other businesses are forced to close.

I would also like to see a self built housing scheme. That's the only way some people can afford their own home.

All I can promise is to work hard for the best interest of Alderney and its people and to do things by the book - that way everyone knows where they stand when you play by the rules.

Ian Tugby

Ian Tugby

My name's Ian Tugby and I would like your support in the forthcoming Alderney election.

I believe we should fight for our rights much more strongly from Guernsey. If we are part of the Bailiwick and pay the same taxes we should have the same benefits and services which we do not get at present.

We are treated as though we are a burden - which we are not.

I believe we should market ourselves much better to try and get more business to move to Alderney. Even if its only their back room operation, it would help to create more employment for the people of Alderney.

It amazes me that some people around Southampton do not know we have an airport. I have tried on a number of occasions for the States to have a meeting to look at ways of improving our finances, but unless other members want the same it is very difficult. I only have one vote.

Because I love Alderney I would like to continue trying to improve things for Alderney.

Arthur Wheeler

Photograph not supplied

My main concern is for the island's economy and future. Our means to earn from trade is limited to a few small financial services outfits plus the gambling commission. Other than that we depend very heavily on the disposable income of retirees.

Employment on the island is heavily dependent on the construction industry - mainly through retirees wishing to improve and modify the properties they purchase.

The activities of the planning committee have had the effect of suppressing much of that local economic activity.

Those policies are the principal cause of our high unemployment rate rather than the global recession. There appears to have been a fundamental lack of knowledge or concern regarding how the local economy works.

Were the States legislature to be reorganised, allowing the full States to have a proper debate on proposals brought forward, then it's likely that harmful propositions would be less likely to be adopted. Such an arrangement would also improve the standing and respect with which the public at large regard our government.

Norma Williams

Norma Williams

Hello, I'm Norma Williams.

I said in my manifesto that maintaining good working relationships was key to doing business. That's why I'm so concerned about the apparent deterioration in the Guernsey/Alderney relationship.

I'm an Alderney Blanchelande girl, I've got family in Guernsey and I work with both the islands and I was in the Crown Dependencies bit of the Home Office so this saddens me.

We seem to have reached a position where Guernsey regards Alderney as a burden and Alderney regards Guernsey as not treating it the same as other Guernsey residents or giving it a fair share of the cake. I know that's an over simplification but frankly to talk about tearing up agreements, going it alone and all that sort of thing is unhelpful to say the least.

So the way forward has to be by discussing these issues, trying to understand each other better and working together for the mutual benefit of both our islands and that's certainly the path I would take if I were elected.

Thank you.

Twelve stand in Alderney election
17 Nov 10 |  Guernsey


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