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Page last updated at 16:24 GMT, Monday, 15 November 2010
Earthquake charity Bridge 2 Haiti launch new appeal
Haiti cholera epidemic
Sarah said some of the people think cholera is an airborne disease

Since a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010 Guernsey-based charity Bridge 2 Haiti has been raising money to help.

In October 2010 news broke that a cholera epidemic was threatening quake victims.

Sarah Griffiths from Bridge 2 Haiti said: "The authorities are completely overwhelmed... it's horrific."

In November 2010 the charity launched a new appeal to buy rehydration salts to take to the Caribbean country.

Shortly after the quake Sarah and a group of volunteers headed to Haiti to offer support to the aid workers already on the ground. Since then the charity has continued fundraising and sent another group to assist with the relief effort in March.

Shelter boxes in Haiti
Bridge 2 Haiti worked in the country in the aftermath of the earthquake

The new appeal, called Hydration 2 Haiti, was launched on 14 November 2010 and was supported by the Bailiff of Guernsey.

Sarah said: "I'm delighted that Sir Geoff has put his weight behind it and has said that he is fully supporting and encouraging the appeal."

Sarah said the cholera outbreak in Haiti had claimed almost 1,000 lives since it began with thousands more hospitalised.

She explained that in the western world cholera would be unlikely to cause a serious problem, but in Haiti where people are already dehydrated and malnourished it could kill in as little as five hours.

Sarah said a contributing factors to the disease's continued transmission was a lack of education.

She said: "A large proportion of the population don't understand it isn't airborne... there are people going to the medics who haven't got cholera but are frightened because they don't understand the disease."

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