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Page last updated at 15:47 GMT, Friday, 31 December 2010
The Men of the Trees look ahead to Year of Forests
Richard Lloyd
Richard hoped to see more promotion of tree planting in Guernsey in 2011

As 2011 has been designated as Year of Forests by the United Nations the Guernsey Men of the Trees hope to use it to promote re-forestation.

Richard Lloyd, the group's chairman, said: "We have to see it as significant, I think Guernsey ought to adopt it and promote it.

"We need to value our open space and promote more tree planting."

However, he pointed out this needed to be done realistically with more education and garden planting.

While Guernsey does have a few wooded areas, most notably at Le Guet, Pleinmont and Jerbourg, Richard said: "Every tree is significant to the island, particularly an area of woodland because it stops development within that area.

Monterey pine trees
The Monterey pine trees at Le Guet form one of Guernsey's forested areas

"When you plant a group of trees people tend to respect it as an area you don't touch."

When it came to tree planting Richard said the Men of the Trees focus on "core native species" because they are known to grow well in the island.

In the long term Richard said that he would "love to see" elms reintroduced to Guernsey, but "some of the disease resistant elms are under licence and so they are extremely expensive" so he did not expect this would happen in his lifetime.

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