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Aiming for dark skies over Sark
Night sky
Sark is hoping to become the first Dark-Sky Island in the world

In March 2010 Sark announced that it was hoping to be named the world's first Dark-Sky Island.

Jo Birch of La Société Serquiaise said: "We're too small to become a Dark-Sky Park but we could be a Dark-Sky Island if we fulfil various criteria."

In April 2010 the island will undergo an audit of its light by an astronomer.

The classification is given by the International Dark-Sky Association to help promote both astronomy and energy efficiency.

Jo explained that Sark already fulfils most of the association's criteria and the visiting astronomer will spend five days on the island checking the light levels: "He will measure how dark our sky is and how much wasted external light we have."

As well being good for local astronomy enthusiasts and environmentalists Jo said: "The tourist industry could definitely benefit."

As well as the those benefits Jo said: "It will put us on the map, which we like, and make us realise the nice things we have about Sark and how we must preserve them."

She did add it was not about turning out all the lights but more about how they are used and where the light goes.

The International Dark-Sky Association was founded in 1988 and seeks to preserve dark skies worldwide for the benefit of society by promoting good outdoor lighting practices and educating the public on the rewards of preserving the stars.

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