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Page last updated at 16:06 GMT, Monday, 15 February 2010
Hawthorne trees help St Pierre du Bois to bloom
Tree planting
The group planted 35 hawthorn trees on a steep clay bank

At the centre of the L'Eree Aerodrome is a small hill covered in bushes and trees.

Within this is an exposed bank of clay which the Floral St Peters team planted trees on in February 2010.

Working with La Société Guernesiaise's conservation section they chose to plant 35 hawthorn trees.

Team member, Jill Bray, said: "The objective is the enhancement of the parish as a whole... also forging links with other people such as La Société."

A team of volunteers set to work at 1000 on 15 February to plant the 35 trees on the steep sided bank. Jill said: "At the moment it's a bit of an eyesore, we are hoping that once the hawthorn grow they'll cover the area."

Tree planting
The bank was created from clay taken from nearby reed beds

Jamie Hooper, La Société's conservation officer, explained: "The bank is from when we lowered an area of reed bed in the east corner and this area needs screening. The trees will soften the landscape and provide screening for the local residents."

The area features several different types of plants including gorse, sycamore and non-native pine, but, Jamie said, "dotted throughout the gorse is hawthorn".

He continued: "It's a good native species and if you plant native the wildlife is already in the environment and can move in very quickly."

Tree planting
The project involved the help of a lot of volunteers

Jill said that the tree planting forms a part of the parish's Britain in Bloom work and explained: "People tend to think of Britain in Bloom as just flower planting but there's so much more to it these days, it's all about the environment and conservation issues as well."

As well as forming part of the parish's work the hawthorn is part of La Société Guernesiaise's conservation work on the site. Jamie said that once these trees have taken hold, which will take between three and five years, they hope to be able to plant other trees on the site as it will be more sheltered.

He also said that they are planning to install more fencing and be able to graze cows, as well as sheep, on the site in the coming years.

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