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Page last updated at 14:52 GMT, Monday, 18 January 2010
Floral St Peter's prepares for 2010 Britain in Bloom
Marguerite Talmage
Marguerite Talmage: "It's not just pretty floral displays."

A Guernsey parish has won a place in the finals of a national horticultural competition.

St Pierre du Bois has been shortlisted alongside six villages in the Britain in Bloom Large Village category.

It is a chance for communities to show their accomplishments and ingenuity in horticulture and environmental responsibility.

Judging takes place in August 2010, but the parish's representatives started preparing in the summer of 2009.

In 2009 the parish was awarded the Floral Guernsey Community prize which led to the Britain in Bloom nomination.

Amongst the projects which led to win were the completion of a seven year project on a circular walk around the church and involving schools in schemes such as putting up nest boxes.

Marguerite Talmage, a representative of the parish said: "Its not just about growing plants, its about conservation projects, looking after the environment, sustainability and permanent planting schemes - its not just pretty floral displays."

Marguerite said 2010 is set to be a busy year as Floral St Peter's starts its different projects around the parish including the continuation of the walk and the development of the community garden by the post office.

The scheme happens thanks to a team of around 50 volunteers, explained Marguerite who each offer a little time every month.

She said: "We do it because we love it."

Tree o'clock in St Pierre du Bois
08 Dec 09 |  Nature & Outdoors



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