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Page last updated at 11:55 GMT, Wednesday, 2 December 2009
The last red deer in the Forest
Red deer
The red deer at Le Chene are the last four of a once hundred strong herd

One field in the Forest is home to the Channel Island's only red deer.

Now looked after by Animal Aid, a local animal charity, the four are the last survivors of a herd which was once a 100 strong.

Sue Vidamour, the founder of Animal Aid, described them as "four old girls" and added that they are "very friendly when they want to be".

She explained that Animal Aid don't know how old the deer are but that they were quite old when Animal Aid started.

The red deer were brought to Guernsey as part of a deer farm and the breed are still farmed across the UK for venison.

Red Deer
Male red deer have large antlers, but there are no more males in Guernsey

Sue said: "They are very elegant, the way they move is almost like dressage... I just find them very beautiful."

The field at Le Chene has been known as the home of the deer for many years and Sue said: "I feel they belong here, they look good in this field."

Sue went on to explain that the deer do not take much looking after as "they keep themselves to themselves" most of the time and she just gives them "chopped fruit and veg, and some hay in winter".



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