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Page last updated at 16:02 GMT, Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Guernsey's new folk club hopes to nurture new talent
James Dumbleton and Simon Harvey
The new club hopes to promote all forms of acoustic music

More than 10 years since the old folk club closed the new Guernsey Folk Club launched in early 2011 with an aim to develop acoustic music in the island.

The organisers said they were responding to a healthy increase in the amount of acoustic music in Guernsey.

The club was founded by familiar faces in the scene including Phil Capper, Chris Walden and James Dumbleton.

The group is due to hold its first event on Wednesday 23 February at Les Douvres Hotel.

Phil Capper, who was involved with the old folk club, said: "It's not just about enjoying the music, it's also about nurturing it and the people who play.

Phil Capper
The club plans to hold regular open nights for acoustic music

"At present, there is nothing making the link between joining in with a 'session' and gigging on stage.

"The Folk Club provides a platform where anyone can play or sing, without the pressure of a stage and where new performers can feel welcomed and encouraged."

The organisers said they also hoped to develop all kinds of acoustic music and not just traditional folk.

Mr Capper said: "Although it's called a folk club, we welcome music from all cultures and acoustic styles, we expect to hear folk, blues, new songs from locally-based artists, traditional ballads, jigs, reels, modern contemporary song writing and much more."

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