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Page last updated at 15:22 GMT, Tuesday, 15 February 2011
'Rollercoaster' first year for Guernsey's Tantale
Tantale's first year saw a battle of the band win and festival performances

Tantale described their first year as a band as a "rollercoaster" ride from the rehearsal room to winning a battle of the bands.

Though they formed in early 2010 the seeds of the band were sewn at the Vale Earth Fair in 2007.

Guitarist Louis said he met drummer Graham at the Earth Fair and they soon began playing together in a string of cover bands before founding Tantale.

Steve and Matt were added to the line up and the band began to gig.

Louis said: "Graham met Matt [Bass] at work and we started going down the Coq Du Nord every Wednesday night and wrote a song called Le Coq."

Louis of Tantale
The band stemmed from a meeting between Louis and Graham at the VEF

Graham added: "We realised we needed a singer so we press-ganged Steve [vocals and guitar]."

With the line up finalised by early 2010 the band started putting more music together before landing their first gig on the Vale Earth Fair's stage at the Rocquaine Regatta, which they described as "rather tentative" on their part.

Matt said: "We were fortunate enough that the Earth Fair gave us that chance and at the Ivy Earth Fair as well."

Following a successful summer Tantale entered a Battle of the Bands competition in November 2010 and, much to their surprise, emerged victorious.

Steve said: "We did the first one and got through which we were really surprised because we were against Pushang who were really popular and had a following... it gave us a boost in terms of confidence and focus and the £1000 prize was nice!"

Steve and Matt of Tantale
The band's line up was completed by Steve and Matt

As 2011 dawned the band recorded a demo of original material with Scott Guilbert as well as continuing to develop new songs.

Louis explained that Tantale's creativity is often somewhat unpredictable: "It's a bit like a puppy on a lead, it just keeps trying to go in different directions creatively."

Following their "rollercoaster" first year together the band already have many gigs lined up for 2011 as well as a slot at the Vale Earth Fair in August. They also hope to play Jersey Live and Lounge on the Farm in Kent and record more of their original material.

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