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Sounds of the American West Coast from Guernsey
The Seagulls
The Seagulls music is inspired by the like of The Byrds and Gram Parsons

The Seagulls brand of West Coast USA inspired rock 'n' roll came about in 2009 after their previous band, blues-rockers Tora Bora, came to an end.

Bassist and singer Pete Le Maitre said: "We lost our lead guitarist but wanted to carry on... the only way was to go in a completely different direction."

So Pete and Geoff Brehaut, on guitar, started working on new material inspired by the likes of The Byrds.

This led to the release of their debut album The Crying Line in early 2010.

The Seagulls recorded their album with Simon Ellis at SFX Studios, a converted bunker, over several months.

Geoff Brehaut of The Seagulls
Geoff's guitar style in the band is inspired by 12 string guitar sounds

In the build up to recording Geoff said they managed to come up with a collection of original songs over a couple of months, but he added: "At first, when Mick [Brehaut, Tora Bora lead guitarist] left, it was quite a big hole in the band."

This led them to redefine their sound through a mutual love of the harmonies used by the bands and musicians of 1960s California, such as Gram Parsons, The Byrds, or more recently Tom Petty as well as the sounds of 12 string electric guitars used in that era.

Geoff said when they first started working on Pete's new material that became The Crying Line he asked Pete how it wanted it to sound to which Pete replied: "You're the guitar player do what you want."

Geoff said the result was "this jangly sound we came out with".

Pete added: "We just said play anything you want just play it loud!"

The Seagulls
The Seagulls launched their debut album with a gig at The Venture Inn

The band are completed by drummer Geoff Denton who was also a member of Tora Bora and he rehearsed and recorded his drum parts on trips back to the island from his base in London.

By mid-2010 he was moving back to the island and the band were hoping to start gigging in earnest while continuing to develop new material.



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