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Page last updated at 15:58 GMT, Thursday, 27 May 2010 16:58 UK
Mod from Guernsey to West Coast USA and back
The Risk in 2010
The Risk have been playing the music they love for more than 25 years

The Risk formed in 1984 when Mark Le Gallez and Colin Leach discovered Steve Collenette and began playing their own brand of mod revival power pop.

Recording a single with Guernsey producer Steve Free and an independent EP they were soon noticed by the fanzines of the mod revival movement.

Colin explained that it was this cult scene that led the band to play across Britain, Ireland and even California.

25 years on they were back in Guernsey but still playing the music they love.

While seen as part of the UK's mod revival scene that included bands such as The Jam and Purple Hearts, in America the band played with the 1960s garage revival that was going on in parallel.

Looking back on 25 years in music

Colin, who plays guitar in the band, described this a "great experience" though he said it was not as glamorous as it sounds.

Mark, bass and vocals, agreed the 80s was "a great time... we did what we wanted and didn't take any notice of the mainstream", an ethos the band continue with to this day across their various musical projects.

During the 1980s the band found a level of success rarely seen by bands from Guernsey signing a three album deal with an independent London based record company and being approached by EMI and UB40's manager.

However, the band turned both of these down as they wanted to continue playing the music they loved. For example, to sign with EMI the band would have had to find a new drummer, something they did not want to do.

The Risk played what they wanted

Colin summed it up by saying he and Mark "had a sense of hedonism" at the time and would not do anything unless it was fun and while some of it may not have been the best in terms of their career it allowed them to do what they loved.

Since the 1980s the band have continued, returning to America in the late 2000s but otherwise playing in Guernsey.

Mark said he was happy with doing what he was doing: "I like playing the songs and it's nice to get together with Colin and Oz [Stuart Austin, drummer]."

He added that alongside this they were "still reaping the benefits of putting all the hard work in" back when they were at their peak.



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