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Page last updated at 12:09 GMT, Thursday, 2 December 2010
One of Guernsey's few remaining waterwheels
La Quanteraine waterwheel
The wheel at La Quanteraine was originally used to drive a corn mill

The land at La Quanteraine in St Pierre Du Bois was bequeathed to the National Trust of Guernsey in the early 1990s.

On it stood a small cottage which had once been the location of one of many water-driven mills in Guernsey used for grinding corn.

Architect Andrew Dyke said: "It hadn't been used as a mill since before the war."

Since it came to them the Trust has restored the exterior waterwheel while retaining the cottage.

Andrew said that the actual waterwheel had been dismantled during the Occupation but the actual milling mechanism was not removed until the 1960s when the mill building was converted into a cottage.

La Quanteraine Douit de Moulin
The wheel is powered by water from a specially constructed douit

He continued: "When the trust acquired it we had to keep it as a cottage, unfortunately, but we were able to put the waterwheel back and we researched old photographs so the wheel you see now is the same size and shape as the original."

The mill is driven by water from a pond further up the valley at La Quanteraine, this is fed to the waterwheel by a Douit de Moulin (water-course of the mill).

The water then continues down a specially made granite tunnel before it joins another douit further down the valley.

Much like other National Trust of Guernsey sites around the island the Quanteraine waterwheel serves to offer a glimpse into elements of Guernsey in days gone by.

Andrew said "there were once many water mills around the island for grinding corn" though most of them have now been removed.

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