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Page last updated at 17:15 GMT, Tuesday, 23 November 2010
DVD explores Guernsey people's memories of Occupation
German band in St Peter Port
Life during the Occupation was "very difficult" according to Lily Mauger

A documentary has shed new light on life in the Channel Islands under German Occupation.

Researcher Howard Baker said: "I've been lucky to meet a lot of people who were here during the Occupation, it's always fascinating."

The people interviewed discussed things from childhood life to collaboration to the Holocaust.

Lily Mauger explained how her mother knew the two Jewish nurses who were deported from Guernsey.

Lily said: "I knew the two Jewish nurses that were here. My mother was assistant matron at the hospital and she was very fond of them and knew a lot about them."

When the two ladies did not hear from their family for some time, Lily explained, one of them decided to seek answers from the German High Command in the island as to why they would not have heard from them.

People queue for rations during the Occupation
Herbert said the German forces were involved with all island life

The staff at the hospital tried to persuade the Jewish lady not to approach the authorities, but, Lily said: "She alerted the Germans to the fact there could be Jews in Guernsey... Three weeks later the two girls were taken to France, they thought they were going home and had no idea what would happen to them."

The two nurses, along with another Jewish lady who was resident in Guernsey at the time, died at Auschwitz shortly after their deportation from the island.

Lily added that for everyone on the island life was a challenge: "You never knew what was going to happen, it was very difficult."

Collaboration during the Occupation has remained a sensitive issue for many islanders who remained in Guernsey between 1940 and 1945, but, Herbert Winterflood explained, everyone collaborated to some degree.

John Nettles at German Bunker
The documentary is presented by John Nettles, star of Bergerac

He explained: "We were involved in some way or other working with Germans because we had to. They were our great employers on the island and what ever we did the Germans were involved somewhere along the line."

Irene De Moulpied was also interviewed for the documentary.

She said she had not told her story before as she was only young during the Occupation, but now she was pleased to have shared her experiences.

Irene explained: "I was just five years old when the war began and what I can remember is having not much food towards the end... I didn't realise what was happening."

The documentary, presented by Bergerac and Midsommer Murders star John Nettles, was released on DVD in November 2010 by Channel Island Publishing and was originally filmed by Pug Films for UKTV's Yesterday Channel.


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