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Page last updated at 14:46 GMT, Thursday, 28 October 2010 15:46 UK
Film explores wartime evacuation to northern England
Around 500 children from Guernsey were evacuated to Stockport and Bury

In June 1940 thousands of children from Guernsey were evacuated to the UK just days before the German Occupation of the Bailiwick began.

Of those thousands around 500 ended up in Bury and Stockport, near Manchester.

Gillian Mawson from Manchester University made a film about the evacuees and spoke to many Guernsey and English people who remember the time.

She said she found out about the evacuees while researching the Manchester Blitz.

Some of the evacuees travelled and stayed with their schools

Gillian explained that until recently she did not even know about the Channel Island evacuees in Stockport, even though she grew up in the town: "I was looking through a big folder of newspaper cuttings and completely filed in the wrong place was a report about 1,000 Channel Island evacuees arriving in Stockport."

She said: "I was absolutely amazed... I've ended up looking at people's stories throughout the whole of northern England and it's taken my life over."

Gillian hoped the film would be complete by the end of November 2010 and through it she has helped the Bury archive hold an exhibition looking into the story of the evacuees who went to the area as well as several meetings and open days for people with memories of the time to share their stories.

The film was made with the help of Joanne Fitton of Bury Archives and Film maker Diane Rickerby and the first showing of the film was at Ramsbottom Heritage Gallery & Library on the afternoon of Thursday 28 October.

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