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Memories of Guernsey people evacuated to Glasgow

Edward and Mina remember Glasgow

In the build up to the German occupation of Guernsey in 1940 thousands of islanders were evacuated to the UK.

Amongst them were, now husband and wife, Edward and Mina Nicolle who were transported all the way to Glasgow after their arrival in England.

Edward explained that he was 10 at the time and said the journey, "was like an adventure".

Both he and Mina agreed that the people in Scotland were "really lovely".

Scotland evacuees
Hundreds of Guernsey people were evacuated to Scotland

In October 2009 they heard about a reunion that was being organised in Glasgow that would bring together surviving evacuees with those who might have known them in the city.

Edward said this would be his first visit since 1963 and he thought this would give him the chance to "say 'thank you' and mean it and let the people know what they did".

While in the city Edward became involved with the Boys' Brigade, which was founded in Glasgow in the late 1800s and led to him becoming a proficient football player.

He hoped that on his return he would be able to see the church they used to meet in again, as well as the school he attended.

Edward said that while the evacuees were accepted by the local people some of the them seemed to have little understanding of where Guernsey was.

He explained that one boy he encountered thought a bridge was being built to Guernsey and Mina was asked by someone if they wore "grass skirts" at home as they came from an island!

Also while in Scotland Edward said he was caught in the "Clydesdale Blitz" bombing of the city, which he said prompted a real sense of "community spirit" in Glasgow and that "you had to experience it to know it."

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