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Page last updated at 15:18 GMT, Thursday, 25 February 2010
Mapping the folklore of Guernsey
La Longue Rocque in St Peters
La Longue Rocque is one of the megalithic objects featured on the map

Guernsey is dotted with sites that hold both archaeological, folkloric and historical significance.

Neil Inder used a mapping website to show many of these sites and recount the myth and legend behind them.

He said he hoped to add things "people can see, touch or feel" and their stories to the Google map.

Much of the information was taken from Edward McCulloch's Guernsey Folklore book, but Neil hopes local people will add their own information to it.

Neil's idea is to focus the map on things people can see as they go around the island and that he started out with "the visible megalithic sites" such as the dolmens and menhirs.

His inspiration for the map came about as he thinks "our history, through the education system, has been hid under a bushel".

Through the research he did before launching the map he said he found there was a lot more to it than he expected and recounted a "ghost story" he had discovered of "a headless funeral cortege" at the Haye Du Puits.

Neil said the site is "academic light" and hopes it will continue an oral tradition of local folklore, albeit in a modern way and is hoping to discover more stories of myths and legends from around the island.

If you can add anything to the map you can do so on the page or by emailing Neil at neil@submarine.gg


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