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Page last updated at 15:23 GMT, Monday, 8 February 2010
German guns recovered after more than six decades
Pleinmont gun emplacement
The gun to be raised is the same as that seen at Pleinmont

During the Second World War the Channel Islands were dotted with gun emplacements forming part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall.

Once the Occupation ended British Forces cleared the island of all these and those deemed useless were dumped at the bottom of Grosnez point in Jersey.

Twenty six guns were originally dumped there however since 1945 several have been recovered and displayed.

Two can be seen in Guernsey at Pleinmont and the Occupation Museum.

The two now in Guernsey were raised by Guernsey Armouries who, in 2010, announced plans to raise a third.

Grosnez point in Jersey
Grosnez point in the sea beneath which the guns were dumped

Ian Brehaut from the organisation said: "It spent most of the Occupation in Guernsey but was transported to Jersey in 1944."

Although the location of the guns is well known, recovering them presents more of a challenge as each weighs around six tonnes so to help the 2010 recovery Guernsey Armouries contacted the RAF.

Ian said: "We managed to interest the RAF... the long and the short of it was they agreed they would bring a Chinook down from Odiham to carry out the operation as an exercise."

Though the gun carriages are also located in the same place, the plan is to only recover the barrels as the carriages are not in such good condition and some were cut up for scrap before dumping.

Depending on the time and circumstance, Ian said, that the group hope to raise two barrels in this operation.

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