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Iron Age finds on the King's Road
Iron Age dig at King's Road
Part of the dig uncovered an Iron Age roundhouse and clay pit

To most King's Road in St Peter Port appears like any other street, however, since the 1980s it has revealed many secrets of Guernsey's past.

When Acorn House school began development work at that time a series of graves were found dating from the Iron Age.

Tanya Walls from the Guernsey Museum said: "We kept a close watch on the area since the initial discoveries."

This led to even more finds of settlements from several eras.

Tanya explained: "This was not a site we were expecting to find any archaeological remains."

This point was backed up by Phillip De Jersey, the Guernsey Museum's archaeology officer, who said the site was unlike any other in the Channel Islands due to the apparent wealth of the former residents.

This wealth can be seen in the type of objects found including swords, shields and jewellery.

Following the 1980s discoveries, which included a Roman bowl alongside items from the Iron and Stone Ages, the museum conducted another dig on the site when it was being redeveloped in 2005.

Iron age grave
Weaponry including swords and shields was found in graves

This dig was done with the aid of the company who were developing the site and involved digging a metre and a half down to remove the more recent build up of earth.

Tanya said the dig looked for "signs of settlement and signs of the graves - these are great if you find them because you get preserved weapons and personal ornaments".

Amongst the items discovered in the 2005 dig was a bronze neck ring which was selected as one of Guernsey's objects in the A History Of The World project.

Even though the site is now once again being covered over by modern buildings Tanya said, "It's very likely there's more on the site".

She described finding new items as "quite wonderful" and that "these are rare things to find and this is quite an exceptional site".

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