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Page last updated at 11:43 GMT, Wednesday, 27 October 2010 12:43 UK
Does Guernsey need a new cinema?
Mallard Cinema
As we already have the Mallard, does Guernsey need another cinema?

When the Admiral Park development was first approved part of the plans included a retail park with a cinema.

However, as of October 2010 the area adjacent to Sydney Vane House remained undeveloped and the cinema had yet to appear.

Steve Murrie, managing director of developers Comprop, said the plans that were approved are open to changes.

Minister for Culture and Leisure, Mike O'Hara said: "I think it's needed - there's lots of people who want it."

Mr Murrie went on to say that though the plans were approved it was "quite some time ago" and that the company was "going through a review of the site".

He explained that it was possible they would still build the cinema but that as of October 2010: "We'd rather keep our options open."

Deputy O'Hara said, at this stage: "I think a cinema will never get built because it won't give enough return to the developer - that's my honest opinion."

Most of the shoppers at Admiral Park BBC Guernsey asked about the cinema development wanted to see it go ahead.

Some said "it would be good for the youth" and "we'd all benefit from it", but that if it did not go in the Admiral Park complex they could not see where there would be space for it.

Of course Guernsey does still have a four screen cinema in the Forest at the Mallard, which opened in the early 1990s and shows current blockbusters.

Do you think Guernsey needs a new cinema, or are we fine with what we've got?

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Craig, Guernsey

of course we need a new cinema.

Jersey not only have a better, larger, more modern but they also have 3D. it seems they are taking leaps forward and we are taking steps back

Movie Fan, Guernsey

We definitely need a new cinema in Guernsey. It would be very popular and not just with the youth. My partner and I dont go to the Mallard but if we are in Jersey we always catch a film at the waterfront complex. Cineguernsey also has screenings at Candie Gardens Museum, at least they show some interesting films. The Mallard try but they have limited facilities and only show blockbusters/kids films.

LC de Garis, Guernsey

Its an absolute certainty that we need a new cinema complex. Local people keep commenting "Jersey act like they are so much better than us"...well, yes actually, they are. When we say we want a new cinema, that the new cinema would benefit the island, give the younger generation something to do, make us feel proud to say "We, the small island of Guernsey, are thriving in modern culture", we're not joking around. Trust us, we live here.

Rebecca Booth, Guernsey

Whilst I welcome possible plans for a large screened cinema on the island I just want to remind everyone that there is also another avenue for cinema in Guernsey - CineGuernsey is a local arts charity which screens foreign and independent films roughly every 3 weeks in the cinema at Candie Gardens Museum. Full programme: CineGuernsey website

Carlo, Guernsey

ComPro, have made a lot of money in Guernsey, isn't it time to give something back to the Comunity??

I hope the Environment will never allow anythings else.

C. p. Le Page, Guernsey

I don't think it would attract enough people. They can watch films on the television.

Christophe, St. Martin

When I arrived in Guernsey in 2002, the development at Admiral Park has started and the developer talked at the time to built a new cinema by 2005... I now think that this was to make the project look attractive and more popular with the population.

I really think that Guernsey should have a modern cinema with 3D and all that. My partner and I are taking every opportunity to go to the cinema in the UK or even in France.

We are happy to go to the Mallard as well. At least we don't have to wait until the DVD release to see the best movies.

I know that building in Guernsey is a very sensible issue but I don't think that Admiral Park is the only possible site. The Mallard site could also be redevelop with modern facilities. But that's another matter...

A Hird, Guernsey

Of course we need a new cinema, what other community of >65,000 people has the basic facilities we have. A trip to the cinema in Guernsey is not an event, its embarrassing.

Sue Vaudin, Guernsey

I'd definitely welcome a new cinema.

When I lived on the mainland I used to go and see a film at least once a month and it made a very enjoyable night out with friends. Since moving back to Guernsey 18 months ago I've been to the cinema twice as the whole experience just isn't the same I'm afraid.

Bertram Falla, UK

Personally I'd like to see a new cinema actually. The world's getting smaller in so many ways but big screen excitement is something we islanders have always missed out on-all due respect to the mallard. It's not just about screen size it's the audio too-and of course the excitement, thrill and oversized popcorn tubs.

One recommendation though-put a mobile phone signal blocker in there! Amazing the number of people who feel the need to tweet about being in a cinema. Or even make calls.


David Poynder, St Peter Port

Yes the Cinema originally promised should be built.

Sarah Palmer, Guernsey

We always make a point of going to the cinema when we go to England. We saw Toy Story 3 in 3D which was fabulous. It wouldn't have been the same watching it at the Mallard. Guernsey was promised a new cinema- Guernsey needs a new cinema!

Steve, St Peter Port

Of course we need a new cinema... It would be good to see something like what Jersey have at the waterfront, great cinema.



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