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Page last updated at 11:52 GMT, Tuesday, 1 June 2010 12:52 UK
'Awesome' stamps mark Guernsey Guides 100th anniversary
Girl Guides with stamps
The Guides were very enthusiastic about the stamps

Guernsey Post and Guernsey Girl Guides, created a special series of stamps to mark Girl Guiding UK's 100th birthday.

The stamps tell the story of the organisations 100 years from their inception to modern activities.

They are based on the badges that are awarded to the Guides for completing various activities.

Yvonne Le Page from Guernsey's Girl Guides said the girls described the stamps as "awesome" when they were unveiled.

She continued: "We are absolutely delighted with the stamps... we didn't think we'd actually get one so to see them is wonderful."

Girl guide with stamp
The stamps highlight elements from 100 years of Girl Guiding

The stamps were created by local design company Two Degrees North. Chris Griffith, who worked on the stamps, said: "We've done a few sets [of stamps], we've done some Formula One stamps, but this was an interesting one because to encapsulate 100 years of Girl Guiding into six stamps is quite a challenge."

The designers' intention was to make something "non-traditional and vibrant" and "iconic and timeless" something which they said took a lot of research.

Girl guide with stamp
The stamps were made to look like the badges awarded to Guides

The stamps themselves feature designs of the Crystal Palace Maze and Agnes Baden-Powell from the organisation's inception, through to a Spitfire showing the Guide's involvement in the Second World War and a kayak highlighting the more modern activities that Girl Guiding is involved in.

The final stamp is of the Queen's Guide Award which is an award that can be won by senior members of the organisation for their work as a guide.

The stamps were made in a unique way as rather than being simple photographs or drawings they were first embroidered, much like the badges they are based on, before these were photographed to create the final stamps.

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