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Page last updated at 14:57 GMT, Friday, 5 March 2010
Challenging the world's welders
Welding apprentice
The challenge allowed the apprentices to learn new skills

A group of apprentices from the College of Further Education are challenging the best welders in the world.

Three fourth year students hope their welding skills will allow them to reach the world final of the SkillWeld competition in London in 2011.

Guernsey man James Le Lievre was a UK finalist in the contest in 2008.

John Semenowicz, the programme manager for engineering at the college, said: "We're talking about students in the premier league of welding."

The Channel Island heat of the SkillWeld competition took place at the College of FE's workshop in March 2010 as Guernsey's three entrants became part of the 170 from across the UK who are competing.

Welding apprentices
The three apprentices had to create something in a four hour challenge

John explained: "Welding is one of the few areas where you have the psychomotor skills you have to train and concentrate to get to a level that's acceptable to the industry."

The contest, which is open to welders from all over the world, will see the local apprentices competing against welders from many industrial disciplines including people who work on nuclear submarines!

John said it was also good for the apprentices as they will have the opportunity "to rub shoulders with some of the big boys in the world of welding".

The Channel Island heat comprised of a four hour welding challenge that Marine and General apprentice Scott Nelson said allowed the competitors to learn even more new skills than they otherwise would.

The final will form part of the WorldSkills event that is happening in 2011 in London in the build up to the 2012 Olympics.

Visiting judge John Pearsall said the event was "vitally important" to the industrial economy of the UK and if Guernsey were represented for the island as well.

He added that "Guernsey has a fabulous track record" in the contest and that even just taking part can really add to the development of those involved.


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