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Page last updated at 13:32 GMT, Thursday, 25 February 2010
'Wider opportunities' for music in schools
Forest School pupils playing instruments
Forest School pupils have enjoyed playing trumpets and clarinets

Guernsey's School Music Service was set up in 1978 to help teach music in the island's schools.

In 2010 it supported more than 700 children in learning music and was busy getting the Wider Opportunities scheme off the ground.

The service's Mervyn Grand said: "The scheme is all about giving youngsters who would not have the opportunity the chance to learn an instrument."

The scheme involves children learning trumpet, clarinet and djembe drums.

The instruments were donated to the scheme by the Bank of Butterfield and Mervyn explained they would spend a year in a school before being rotated to another giving as many children as possible a chance to take part.

Forest School musicians
The pupils have been taught as a class to play the instruments

In the 2009-2010 school year the Forest Primary School were taking part in the scheme and pupil Daisy said she really enjoyed playing the clarinet: "It's got a mellow sound and I don't like the loud sound of the trumpet, and the trumpet's really heavy!"

While Oliver preferred the trumpet: "It makes loud sounds and you get to make a racket."

Forest School Headmaster Gary Le Huray was very enthusiastic about the scheme saying: "It's great to have that higher level, particularly with these instruments... we have played djembe quite a lot in the school but the trumpet and clarinet would be new and it's a great chance for a greater number of children to experience it."

Djembe drums are West African single skin drums.


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