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Classical music postcard from Guernsey
Ronald Corp
Ronald is more well known as a conductor but also writes music

Guernsey Postcards is a suite of three pieces of music inspired by Guernsey and composed by Ronald Corp.

The music was commissioned in 2004 and was first performed in Guernsey by the Guernsey Camerata.

In 2009 the suite was recorded by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and released on CD for the first time.

Ronald said he was pleased it had been recorded because "it's a little set of music that ought to be around the place more".

Though his other compositions are often heavier, Ronald described the Guernsey Postcards as being "in the vein of light music" such as that often composed by former Guernsey resident Eric Coates.

Ronald explained light music as: "Tuneful music that people can enjoy".

The three pieces, The Viaer Marchi, Pembroke Bay and St Peter Port, were inspired by Ronald's first trip to Guernsey and he said "the place has such a character and atmosphere" that it brought certain music to his mind straight away.

More commonly known as a conductor Ronald was happy to see the music released as he hopes it will show people what his own music is like.

He explained that working in the classical genre can be "quite hard" because of the history behind it and that in the late 20th century composers seemed to have lost touch with the classical audience.

But, he added that like all art, classical music comes in two sorts, "challenging and just to keep you happy", and that as light music the Guernsey Postcards falls into the latter category.


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