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Pupils at Stroud High School film the Severn Bore

School pupils with Matt Baker
Pupils from Stroud High School interviewed Countryfile's Matt Baker

The BBC's 'School Report News Day' is a chance for local pupils to make their own news bulletins, web features and radio items in which they will report on issues that affect them.

The event will take place later this week on Thursday March 11.

One of the Gloucestershire schools that will be taking part is Stroud High School.

As part of the project pupils recorded TV and radio interviews at last week's 5 star Severn Bore on the River Severn in Gloucestershire.

Below some of the students write about their experiences:

Account of TV reporting by Avani & Camilla

On Tuesday March 2nd, 2010, members of the Stroud High School 'BBC School Report' team went to report on the Severn Bore, a local 'attraction' that many travel far to see.

Stroud High School pupils
Avani & Camilla found out how to make a TV report

Along with colleagues Alice and Lucy, we reported for BBC television and radio.

The Severn Bore is a natural phenomenon provoked by the ocean's rising tide intersecting with the mouth of the river and is second highest of about sixty bores that occur around the world.

It's impressive tidal wave attracts many visitors and surfers to the area.

The bore on March 2nd was given a five-star rating. Many people found this truly amazing and we were lucky enough to be there to report as it passed.

The 'BBC School Report' project was recently introduced at Stroud High for Year 8 students.

Avani and Camilla report on the Severn Bore

The project was very popular when first announced, 70% of the year wanting to participate in this exciting opportunity.

Twenty lucky students were selected by teachers and, within that group, four were selected to take part in the television and radio reports.

Although more challenging than expected, overall it was a wonderful and unforgettable day; it has helped not only our journalistic skills but our public speaking skills, too! It has also given us a taste of what television is really about!

One of the other highlights of the day was meeting Matt Baker, who was an inspiration to the whole Stroud High team.

This has shown us what news reporting is all about and has also given us an insight into what a journalist really does!

Account of Radio reporting by Alice & Lucy

We arrived at Minsterworth where we met up with Paul Moss, who showed us how to use the recording equipment. We then set off interviewing spectators on the river bank.

Stroud High School pupils
Alice & Lucy were given the task of reporting for radio

We managed to talk to a mixture of people, from surfers to children. Some people were hard to interview as they gave very simple answers.

After the bore had passed, we interviewed more people, some of which found it disappointing, as it was expected to be much larger than it was. But generally people were still impressed.

We managed to interview Steve King who is the world record holder for the longest surf of the Severn Bore. Also we interviewed ex-Blue peter presenter Matt Baker. He was very professional and you could tell he had done this before. He was also very friendly.

After that we went back to the Severn Bore Inn, which sits on the river bank. We managed to interview the landlord whose business is affected by the bore passing due to the large amount of spectators who come for breakfast.

When we had finished interviewing, we sat down to script and record the rest of our broadcast, which was quite hard at first but as we got the hang of it became easier.

We really enjoyed out day, and thought it was a great learning experience. We would recommend it to other people. We also enjoyed watching the bore, as we had never seen it before.

BBC News School Report News Day as it happened
The full story of School Report Day 2010, involving thousands of school children around the UK.



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