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Roller derby team from Gloucester has featured on TV
Roller derby
Roller derby began in the US and took off in the UK about three years ago

As the sport of roller derby is gaining popularity in the UK, a team from Gloucestershire has featured on a BBC TV programme.

The activity is a "full contact, action packed battle" between two teams on roller skates.

Inside Out West on BBC One on Monday featured Gloucester team Severn Roller Torrent.

The 2009 Hollywood film 'Whip It', directed by Drew Barrymore, has led to a resurgence in the sport.


The rules involve two teams each skating round a track with competitors, known as "jammers", trying to overtake the opposing players.

Whenever a jammer breaks through the pack a point is scored.

All sorts of women and men get involved from all walks of life.
Fury, Severn Roller Torrent

Each race, known as a "jam", lasts for two minutes and numerous jams take place at each event.

One participant known as Fury from Severn Roller Torrent told BBC Gloucestershire why she loves the sport.

"It is quite addictive. A lot of people try it and they stay. It's all sorts of women and men get involved from all walks of life."

"We wear full protection helmets, gum shields and pads so it's about the same level [of danger] as snowboarding or mountain biking."

Roller derby began in the United States and came to the UK about three years ago. Now there are over 50 leagues here.

Watch the full story Inside Out (West) on BBC iPlayer .

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