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Prisoners in Gloucester repair bicycles for Africa
A bicycle bring repaired
Jole Rider packs a minimum of 333 bicycles into each sea container

Inmates at Gloucester prison are repairing and restoring bicycles for children in Africa to ride to school.

Thousands of bikes are donated to the group Jole (pronounced Jolly) Rider who have them refurbished before shipping them to schools in The Gambia.

Prisoners get involved in repairing the bikes that are received in Gloucester.

HMP Gloucester's Steve Norris said the project had been "enormously successful" and the prison was "extremely proud" to be involved.

'Tremendous effect'

He said: "It's provided very useful activity to a group of our prisoners through which they can gain an accreditation and learn some useful skills."

Bikes arrive in various states of disrepair with some just needing a quick wash but others need to be stripped down to have new parts fitted.

A minimum of 333 refurbished bicycles are then packed into sea containers which are delivered to The Gambia.

David Swettenham, director of Jole Rider, said donating the bikes "has a tremendous effect".

"It can take two to three hours for a student to walk to school from home and the same amount of time to come back in the afternoon.

"So having a bicycle makes all the difference in the world to them. They get to school on time, they're not exhausted - it has a tremendous effect."

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