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Page last updated at 14:17 GMT, Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Otter spotted climbing 15ft tree at WWT Slimbridge

An otter has been spotted in Gloucestershire ...up a tree.

Mo, a member of an otter family in Slimbridge, is gaining height with increasingly daring climbs up a 15ft (4.6m) Spindle tree.

"This is certainly very unusual behaviour for an otter," said John Crooks, mammal manager at WWT Slimbridge.

"I think maybe she is going through some kind of teenage rebellion."

The family of otters was introduced to the centre in July, 2009.


They are part of an exhibit which gives visitors the opportunity to see wetland mammals including beavers and water voles up close.

John added: "Otters are strong mammals and she is climbing progressively higher each time so she seems to be very determined and headstrong."

"Perhaps she just wants to be left alone or to have a bit of space from her younger sisters and up a tree is the best place for her to do it!

"She is certainly getting a bit of a following now that word has got around with visitors."

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