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Mosaics unearthed for display at Chedworth Roman Villa

Roman mosaic being uncovered at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire
The Roman mosaics were re-buried following Victorian excavations

More Roman mosaics have been uncovered at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire.

The mosaics have been hidden for centuries but have now been unearthed by archaeologists.

They will now be permanently displayed as part of a £3million project to develop the ancient site.

The work is all part of a project to improve the protection for the fragile Roman remains and to improve visitor facilities.

"Our archaeologists have known these mosaics existed on site since they were first seen during the Victorian excavations but later re-buried," said Pippa Wise, Chedworth programme officer.

"It was agreed they would be better protected if excavated again and put on display in a proper environmentally controlled building which will protect them from frost and other damage."

The £3million scheme will see new environmentally controlled conservation shelters replace old Victorian sheds.

The new building will have walkways above the mosaics allowing visitors to look down on them more easily as well as interactive displays about life in Roman Britain.

The mosaics will be unveiled at a special community day on Tuesday, 27th July, 2010 when local schools and community groups will be invited to the villa to celebrate.

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