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'Ghost' at Gloucester pub 'pushes pint off table'

By David Bailey
BBC Gloucestershire


A mysterious moving pint glass has been captured on CCTV at the New Inn in Gloucester, which has a reputation for hauntings.

A catalogue of unexplained activity at a Gloucester pub has prompted the Gloucester Active Paranormal Society to investigate.

It's claimed that a series of unexplained happenings have occurred at The New Inn in the space of a week, including the sound of ghostly footsteps, rattling doors and even a pint of beer mysteriously lifting itself off a table and on to the floor.

The building in Northgate Street is a bar and hotel, and dates back to the 14th Century.

I've been investigating this building for a long time and I've never known it so active
Lyn Cinderey

It was originally built to house pilgrims visiting the shrine of King Edward II at nearby Gloucester Cathedral, and is described as having the finest example of a medieval gallery in Britain.

Lyn Cinderey from the Gloucester Active Paranormal Society (GAPS) was in the bar at the time of the 'moving pint' incident, taking part in a pub quiz.

"The quiz night was absolutely amazing," she said.

"There were a few people in the bar, and four people saw this glass - a full pint - just lift up and fall on the floor. The glass didn't even break.

The New Inn
The New Inn in Gloucester is supposedly haunted

"The rest of us looked around and heard the thud. We just couldn't believe it. It was right there in the middle of the quiz.

"I've been investigating this [reputedly haunted] building for a long time and I've never known it so active.

"Activity has risen since 1 February when new managers, Mark and Samantha, arrived. Their daughter has been talking to a young girl - there is reputedly a young spirit girl there."

Lyn claims other strange happenings have happened recently.

"One of the bar staff has heard footsteps in the cellar when he's been clearing up with nobody else there, and staff have also heard the exit door rattle in the restaurant.

"Another of the bar staff claims that when he's been clearing up he's felt a cold spot and he's been chilled all over. It's absolutely fantastic," said Lyn.

On another occasion the pub managers' pet has even been spooked.

"Samantha's dog was eating his food in his bowl the other night and the bowl just turned itself over.

Watch the CCTV footage in full

"The dog ran over to the other side of the room and just stared at his bowl and wouldn't go near it the rest of the night.

"My friend also stayed there and she was watching TV when it suddenly went off.

"She went to look and the plug was half way out of the socket and yet it was firmly in before."

There have also been reports of keys going missing.

Lyn Cinderey is now planning to do an overnight investigation, with a team of people from GAPS.

They will carry out temperature readings, use dictaphones to do EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, record anything that might be there with camcorders, and take pictures.

"We'll hopefully get to the bottom of what exactly is going on," said Lyn.

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