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A History of the World is launched

A History of the World artefacts
Gloucestershire's rich & deep history has played its part in A History of the World

As part of a major new project for the BBC - A History of the World - we asked a history expert from Gloucestershire to help us choose ten items to represent the county.

The Orpheus Pavement, Woodchester
The lawnmower, invented in Stroud
Erinoid Plastic Samples
The Birdlip Grave Group
Portrait of John Coxwell (1516-1614)
Robert Mushet portrait
Spare Front Wheel from the Gloster E28/39
The Carne Cross
Piano designed by CR Ashbee
The Edward Jenner horn

Andrew Fox, who's in charge of Gloucester City Council's two Museums - the City Museum and Art Gallery and the Folk Museum - helped BBC Radio Gloucestershire's managing editor Mark Hurrell to select the objects.

According to Andrew there was much debate and friendly argument.

"This meant, in fact, that we were not short of items to choose from; nor did we have any problem creating lists, from which the final definitive list was made," said Andrew.

"We started from the basis that it was an impossible task to pick ten objects which could represent Gloucestershire's exceptionally rich and deep history; and that a different group of people would produce an entirely different set of items.


"The project has been a very inspiring one and required great discipline.

Andrew Fox
Andrew Fox helped to choose the ten items to represent Gloucestershire

"In order to select a final list compromises had to be agreed and some personally cherished items had to be discarded."

His favourite object is The Birdlip Mirror, "Because of its extraordinary beauty and mysterious purpose."

Andrew is keen to emphasise the importance of our county's heritage.

"Gloucestershire's history is as rich and as wonderful as any county in England," he said.

"The Roman and Medieval periods are extraordinarily complex and beautiful and will always attract visitors to Gloucestershire; but, for me, the later industrial heritage of Gloucester - particularly the docks - are often overlooked and should be better interpreted."


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