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Presenter Profile: Mark Punter
Mark Punter
Mark has fond memories of listening to Terry Wogan as a child

Tune into Mark every Sunday morning from 11am for the Big Quiz and the request hour from 1pm.

The 'Crossword Clue' and the 'Essex Place of the Week' is back, inviting your related correspondence.

Forget Crackerjack, there's also a chance to win an Punter's Prize Pen in the general knowledge quiz, 'Punter's Perpetual Posers'.

You can also put the record library to the test as 'The Gravy Train Request Express' invites you to get on board.

Plus Mark's four-year-old daughter gets her own slot too in 'Harriet's Kiddies Corner'.

Mark's big questions:

What was your first radio memory?

Hearing Terry Wogan in the 70s when I was about five and, for some strange reason, believing he was also our Co-op milkman.

Never seemed to question though how he could deliver milk and broadcast music and light blarney at the same time?!?!

Also, re: early memories, I need to mention Ray Moore too as this late, great, broadcasting genius has not been lauded nearly enough and was a huge influence on getting me interested in radio.

How did you first get into radio?

I was given a break working for AA Roadwatch as a fresh-faced travel presenter in 1992.

After five years, what I didn't know about contra-flows and junction improvement work wasn't worth knowing....! (I never did find out what 'Haunching work' was though?! Answers on a postcard!)

What is your favourite song ever?

I wish it was possible to narrow it down to just a single song, but it would almost certainly be a sing-along 'little belter' along the lines of Todd Rundgren's 'I Saw The Light' or Neil Sedaka's 'The Immigrant'

What one thing makes Essex so special?

Our ability to laugh along with all the stereotypes made about the county, yet remain safe in the knowledge that there's so much more to us than just white stilettos and XR2s... (my stilettos are all black for example... ahem).

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