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Hollywood boost for Triple Sword roller derby team
Triple Sword Roller Girls
Triple Sword were Essex's first ladies roller derby side

An Essex all-girl roller derby team are hoping to capitalise on a Hollywood movie due for release in April.

The film 'Whip It', which stars Drew Barrymore is expected to increase the profile of the sport in Britain.

Emmeline Smith, who founded the Chelmsford-based Triple Sword Roller Girl team said they were keen to make the most of any increased exposure.

"When people see it [the sport] they'll love it, which is what happened to me - now I'm absolutely addicted," she said.

"It's really growing fast. I think there's at least one team in every county now, and there's another team just setting up in Essex," she added.

With its origins in the the US, roller derby is a full contact sport between two teams of five skaters, who race around an oval circuit attempting to pass their opponents whilst blocking them from overtaking.


One aspect of roller derby is the nicknames each skater adopts.

"All roller girls take on a pseudonym as your on-track character, because you have to be quite outgoing," said Emmeline.

"For example, my name is 'Beater von Tease' and we've got another girl in our team called Stig Martha, so they're all a comedy play on words."

Triple Sword Roller Girls
Each two minute race involves plenty of rough and tumble

Emmeline explained it is a sport that is suited to women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.

"Most of the girls have got quite high-pressured jobs, some of them are housewives as well, but it's just somewhere to go for a couple of hours with a bunch of friends ," said Emmeline.

"It's like relaxation, it's hard work and you do sweat buckets, but it's really good fun.

"Plus, if there's better and more fun way to lose weight and and tone those legs, I certainly haven't found it!"

For more information on the Triple Sword Roller Girls visit their Myspace page or by e-mailing tripleswordrollergirls@googlemail.com

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