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Acting Bishop's blessing for Essex Air Ambulance
Bishop blesses Essex Air Amulance
The Bishop blesses the helicopter crew and patients who travel in her

The Essex Air Ambulance has received a special blessing from the acting Bishop of Chelmsford.

The Rt Revd Dr Laurie Green went to its airbase in Boreham to pray for the crew and the people the helicopter helps.

"The lovely thing about blessing things as well as human beings is it reminds us that God is in everything," said Rt Revd Laurie Green.

"We depend some much on the air ambulance crew and the work they do," he added.

"We ask God to help us to sustain all the work that is going on here and to care for those crews that put their lives as risk.

"The important thing to remember is Essex is so vast, without an air ambulance we are in quite a lot of trouble," he added.

"This is a charity and in order to keep this important ambulance in the air they require us to dig deep and to support them as much as possible."

The helicopter's crew welcomed the Bishop's blessing.

"It is always nice to have such positive words said about the helicopters," said Air Crew Paramedic Laurie Phillipson.

"It was a privilege to meet Bishop Laurie, and to say such nice things and wish us well.

"It's something to bear in mind when we're out there doing the missions," he added.

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