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Roadside memorials in Basildon to have time restriction
Roadside memorial in Basildon
The council is concerned about the dangerous position of some tributes

The length of time roadside memorials can remain in place is to be limited to two months by Basildon Council.

The authority has issued new guidelines on 'unapproved' tributes at accident sites on the grounds of safety of those maintaining them and of appearance.

Once the two months have elapsed it will contact families to offer them options on how they can continue to remember their loved one.

The council said there was currently 20 memorials located around the borough.

Cllr Malcolm Buckley told BBC Essex: "We're not saying that if somebody has an accident families should not be allowed to lay flowers.

"What we've said is the flowers and other tributes should only be there for two months, unless they get the permission from Essex County Council."

He explained there were two main reasons why the council had taken the decision to impose a time limit.

"Some of the memorials are very well maintained, but others are neglected and look a mess," he said.

"[There is also] road safety. A number of the memorials are unsafe to look after and what could be worse than a second incident involving another member of the same family," he said.

He added it had come up with two options for after the two months had passed.

"Essex County Council, who are the highways authority, will permit under certain circumstances a permanent memorial on the roadside," he said.

"It does have to meet certain criteria and people will have to get authority from the county council for that.

Essex County Council, who are the highways authority, will permit under certain circumstances a permanent memorial on the roadside
Cllr Malcolm Buckley

"The other option we've suggested is people could adopt a tree in one of our parks or open spaces which would be a far safer place."

Caroline Perry, campaigns officer for the road safety charity Brake, said they opposed the idea of having a time restriction.

"It's really nice to see Basildon Council are offering the permanent memorial option," she said.

"But it should be down to the bereaved family themselves to decide how they would like to remember their loved one.

"There shouldn't be any restrictions, providing it is safe, whether it's on a birthday or anniversary, or whether they're replaced over time and are there for months and months."

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