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New world record for checking testicles set in Clacton
Testicle checking world record breakers in Clacton
More than 200 men were needed for the record to be recognised

The world record for the largest number of men simultaneous self checking for testicular cancer has been confirmed.

Organisers of the attempt, which saw 208 men check themselves in Clacton in May, have had their bid recognised by the Guinness World Records.

The event also raised £1000 for The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

"The main purpose was to create awareness and to educate men who came along about how to do it properly," said organiser Darren Couchman.

"A lot of people said 'I didn't have a clue how to do it, I didn't know what to look for', so it's all worthwhile in the end as we educated a lot of people on the day.

"It's still deemed as a bit of an embarrassing subject, a bit of a taboo, but the whole point was to say to men 'don't be embarrassed about talking about it.'"

When you're talking about testicles and testicular cancer, a lot of men do shy away from it
Darren Couchman

The idea to attempt the record was the latest in Darren's strive to raise awareness of testicular cancer and to encourage more men to check themselves for suspicious lumps.

Having battled the disease at the age of 27, he has since organised a number of eye-catching events, such as his 'Testicle Tours' to amusingly named locations around Britain.

Darren explained the record attempt had been done tastefully, especially as it took place in front of the glare of shoppers at the Clacton Factory Outlet shopping complex.

"They could strip down to their boxer shorts if they wanted to, but a lot kept their clothes on," he said.

Darren Couchman on his testicle tour in 2008
Darren uses light humour to get his serious message across

"But it was done in such a way that the men just put their hands down their underwear, listened to the doctor and carried out the check.

"Obviously we had somebody on hand afterwards with lots of hand wash!"

He explained his apparently light-hearted approach to such a serious subject was a deliberate ploy.

"When you're talking about testicles and testicular cancer, a lot of men do shy away from it," he said.

"But if we go in with the humour, that puts a smile on their face first and they're more relaxed and they don't mind talking about it."

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