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An Essex sword maker supplies weapons to Royal clients

The Raven Armoury's clients include the Jordanian Royal Family

A specialist weapon maker from Thaxted has been supplying handmade swords to the Jordanian Royal Guard.

Simon Fearnhamm, who runs Raven Armoury started making knives as a hobby whilst he was at school.

In the workshop they design, build, restore and modify weapons for customers all around the world.

Simon told BBC Essex to thrive they need to be a jack-of-all trades: "We have to handle a whole manner of different skills in what we are doing."

"There are a handful of sword makers across the UK. In terms of doing the sort of work we are doing we are very much in a league of our own when it comes to the swords," said Simon.

In the showroom there are racks full of swords, knives and axes in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

"We've got a nice example of one of the Royal Guard swords," said Simon.

The showroom contains replica weapons from books and films

"We were given an original sword to work from to reproduce. This one is for use by the Royal Guard in Jordan," said Simon.

He added: "If you feel it you get a decent feel for a well-balanced sword.

"The whole sword weighs just a little over a pound and a quarter and it's got a fine silver handle with fine silver fittings on the scabbard."

It is hoped Russian Oligarchs and Sultans will also place orders with the Raven Armoury.

"From our point of view it is more like sculpture," said Simon.

"Because even though it is a sword, aesthetically it is beautiful. Everything flows it is almost liquid and fluid.

"When someone picks up a sword you can see a sort of magical look in their eyes, it's nice to see," he added.

Essex swordmakers' Royal clients
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