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Page last updated at 12:51 GMT, Thursday, 26 November 2009
Environmentalist walks to Summit
Pushpanath 'Push' Krishnamurthy
Pushpanath 'Push' Krishnamurthy is from Oxford to Copenhagen

A climate change campaigner has been striding through Essex as he walks to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

Pushpanath 'Push' Krishnamurthy is walking the 370 miles from Oxford to the climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

'Push' has walked across the county from Great Dummow through Colchester to the ferry port at Harwich.

'Push' says that the world needs to change "you can print money but you cannot print life".

The climate summit in Copenhagen will take place in December 2009 and will be attended by global leaders.

'Push' works for the charity Oxfam and has been singing songs of hope while walking through Essex.

'Push' hopes to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on the earth.

Delegates from 192 countries will be attending the summit.

The talks will attempt to draw up a new global climate treaty to take the place of the UN's 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement.

As part of the summit many campaigners like 'Push' will be heading to Copenhagen to put pressure on global leaders to come to an agreement.

'Push' says "we have a great opportunity, we have had a financial meltdown, we have climatic uncertainty and the system has failed, we now have a great opportunity to recreate the system"

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